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SPECIAL NOTE: Eric Valor died due to complications from ALS on November 27, 2019. He created this website to inform the world about ALS and his life. Except for this brief special note, we maintain the website in full for you as it was when Eric was with us. Note that any correspondence will not be responded to. Thank you for visiting Eric’s site.

–His loving family


If you typed in www.friends4eric.org you are likely wondering “How did I get here?”. On May 21, 2015, I swapped my home domain to here, www.ericvalor.org. Not only did I switch my home domain, I also consolidated my old blog site to here, on the Eric’s Blog tab. Welcome to my new home. Let me know how you like the new digs.

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Eric Valor had just turned 36 when he was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease). Before this time, he was an avid surfer, snowboarder and scuba diver. The continued advance of ALS led to his early retirement by February 2008. In July of 2008, Eric suffered a pulmonary event that required a tracheotomy and the permanent use of a ventilator. By this time he had also lost his ability to eat and was fed through a tube to his stomach. You can learn more by reading his “My History With ALS”.

Eric’s Current Projects

SciOpen Research Group
(Founder & Executive Director)

Answer ALS

Answer ALS
(Team Gleason Board)

Team Gleason
(Board Member, Science & Technology Adviser)


ALS Untangled
(Review Group)

Wide Trial

(Formerly ALSETF – Co-Founder)


WSU Team Gleason
(Patient & Technology Adviser)


Hope Now for ALS
(Co-Founder & Board Member)


(Forum Moderator)


The ALS Residence

Other projects will be listed as they become public.

Since 2008, Eric has required 24/7 ventilation monitoring and care. He is completely dependent on a team of health caregivers and local family members, all of whom are specifically trained for ALS patient care and ventilation management.

Unfortunately, insurance does not extend benefit coverage for paid caregivers and funds are continuously needed to help maintain Eric’s quality of life at home. Other than the three current facilities of The ALS Residence Initiative, there are no extended care facilities that serve patients like Eric, people who are completely dependent on a ventilator and need constant monitoring by others to survive.

Eric’s team of caregivers take fine care of Eric and have become extended family.
If you would like to help, please click the How You Can Help link.
No donation is too small.

You can read Eric’s blog or you can contact him directly via email at env@ericvalor.org.

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