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happy birthday Internet! I am proud to have known you before the web became your most prominent feature.


The site was down last night and this morning. We increased our allowed monthly bandwidth and it was created as a new account rather than credit to our existing. Once it was cleared up it took overnight for the servers to sync. Joan did a credible job as a DNS administrator!


It’s Hocktober! I’m excited to the point of levitation. Unfortunately this will be the first season I will not attend any games in person, but this is clearly the reason Philo Farnsworth invented TV!

Go Sharks!


I wanted to thank everyone who has donated so far, and to reiterate that no amount is too small (even $5). I have been asked about the Paypal buttons. The first is a user-defined amount and the second is $25/month for 24 months. I also wanted everyone to know that I have left no stone unturned. I was diagnosed by the ALS teams at both UCSF (who follows me) and Mayo Clinic. I was even tested for an extremely rare bacteria possibly acquired during a surf trip in the South Pacific. I appreciate your concerns and your questions and am happy to share my knowledge and experience.

Thank you all again.


Busy day. First, the Sentinel published a follow-up to the story last year, and yesterday a clinical trial I have been monitoring for two years finally got FDA approval. I have read the published pre-clinical animal studies and had the pleasure to converse with the CEO via email. i am not expecting a miracle but am anxious to see what happens regardless. Note that I am geographically unable to participate…


Good news! I got picked up by the Huffington Post.


we finally got the Paypal buttons up! It is quite a bit trickier to get that going (especially for a site like this) than one might think. Thanks to all of you who have already responded. Please spread the word. We should be able to populate the Photographs page tomorrow. I will sneak a few from my Facebook page…


Hello and thank you for visiting. I will update here periodically to give an idea of what this experience is like, try to publicly answer questions thrown my way, and announce important new research in the quest for a treatment and/or cure. Older posts will be archived in the future as we change and improve the site.

Please check back often and don’t hesitate to ask me a question; I spend a lot of time on research and enjoy sharing what I learn.

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