Hamachi Eyes

Hamachi Eyes

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“Hamachi Eyes” is a collection of poetry I have written over several decades. It’s a collection of my experiences and reactions to events of the time. This is perhaps 80% of my work, some being lost in boxes and notebooks, some I withheld in the name of quality control, and some just lost either on scraps of paper and/or hard drive crashes. If/when I find more I shall publish an addendum.

Not everything is pleasant or easy to read, as is with all art be it text, sonic, or visual. Some is downright disturbing, attempting to evoke an emotional reaction. Such is the purpose of art, so if that happens then I have been successful. The book is provided here in PDF format for your ease of reading. I may change to e-book format for ease of reading on those devices.

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of life. Please feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts. I appreciate the feedback.


Eric N. Valor

(NOTICE: The download button and counter were originally misconfigured until Tuesday, February 27, 2018 so the downloads during the previous few days since initial release were never counted. This is the latest edition with one piece included which was initially missing due to my error. Everything is rectified now. Download buttons are conveniently at the top and bottom of the cover image. – ENV)

[PDF Version]


Below are versions for Kindle and for other generic Epub readers. Download the one appropriate for your equipment/software. You can download a Kindle emulation program from Amazon for PC and Mac here.

[Kindle Version]


[Generic Epub MOBI Version]


“Hamachi Eyes” – 2018 (PDF/AZW3/MOBI)”
This book is protected under copyright 2018 by Eric N. Valor.

4 thoughts on “Hamachi Eyes”

  1. thanks so much for sharing this. I I always had hard time “getting” poems in school, and while I don’t feel well-versed in poetry matters, I found your work really intuitive and rhythmical. The exploration of themes /feelings crafted through imagery and the visuals crafted through not-so-visual words, it’s very nice..

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Basil. I sometimes also have trouble “getting” some other works but that’s because the metaphors are often quite personal to the author and may be outside the realm of some others’ experience. Art is not objective so not obvious to all what the artist is trying to portray. I am very glad that you found meaning in mine. Your appreciation is the reward I seek in sharing and all the more inspiration to continue doing so. Thank you again for your feedback.

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