Original Recipes

Original Recipes

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These are a collection of original recipes I created. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to actually execute any because I am quadriplegic. I am pretty sure my memory for ingredients is good but you may have to adjust for personal taste.

A few years ago I found a sudden interest in the culinary arts (oh the irony!). I had always tinkered around in the kitchen but never pursued cooking with any passion. In Junior High, I took a Home Economics class which taught the basic techniques of cooking but I had no real idea what I was doing and never thought anything of it rather than filling an empty stomach with something that didn’t taste bad. As a typical guy I could grill up a pretty good steak but otherwise I was pretty hopeless in the kitchen.

So I suddenly start watching cooking shows and YouTube videos and found a new hero in Jacques Pepin, one of the first “celebrity chefs” who transformed American ideas about cooking and food. He did it by turning down a position as White House Chef to take over as Executive Chef at Howard-Johnson’s. Back in the day, HoJo was proper dining rather than a glorified truck-stop. Pepin brought French methods and ideas about food and injected them into American cuisine along with Julia Child. He also literally wrote the book on kitchen technique. It’s amazing how much you can learn from cooking shows and videos if you pay close attention.

So I suddenly have fits of inspiration to apply what I learned (a little more than normally difficult because I am quadriplegic) and literally started dreaming up recipes. I would wake up, turn my computer, and furiously write down what I did in the dream before I forgot. Some others I came up with after getting a craving for a particular dining experience. I hope you use and enjoy my creations below. I will add more as they are produced.

Note: I just added download counters under each on the morning of 04/04/2018. The recipes have been up for many weeks prior. The counters still aren’t working and I may not be able to fix them for 24-48 hours. Your patience while I tinker with the code is appreciated.

Note: The download buttons and counters are now working as of 04/09/2018.

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