All Alone

It’s the middle of ALS Awareness Month. Individuals have been doing an excellent job of pushing awareness in their local circles. This includes pet groomers holding awareness and fundraising events,


people putting up extensive Pinterest boards,

ALS can affect everyone

and people creating their own video PSAs


in an attempt to reach out to and educate others who aren’t already personally affected by ALS.
I would like to call special attention to my friends at Bed & Biscuits who are doing a local event at their store. Owner Laurie Chadwick and husband moved to Oregon to care for their son Rob after he was diagnosed with ALS. She keeps her business going and does the event mentioned above a few times a year. This is a truly remarkable effort and I hope my readers in the area would take their furry (non-human) children down for a nail trimming to support this event.
There is a lot of action happening by PALS, CALS, and friends. There are even concerned corporate entities trying to make a difference. What is noticeably absent is a national effort by a certain representative organization. This multi-million dollar annual budget organization went to the trouble of creating a rather good PSA featuring Jason Alexander (of “Seinfeld” and other famous work). However, instead of pushing it aggressively on national television, the organization asks those it represents to send around a link via email and social media. This half-baked distribution strategy is clearly unacceptable and example of how the organization works in every area of its operations. This organization can be better, should be better, and we should demand that it be better.
It’s National ALS Awareness Month. Crippled and dying people and their families are exerting considerable energy trying to help themselves. Organizations that collect millions of dollars in donations (approximately half of it from the estimated 30,000 PALS alive during any given year) should be doing more to educate the general public than their individual constituents.

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