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This is my last blog post at Friends4Eric.

I have decided to change my home domain to EricValor.org and in the process consolidate the blog directly into the website. The new website allows me to bring a much better website experience to you. Over the year, I expect to add more information content, including a calendar of events such as a calendar of select events and other information of high interest.

Thew new website address is www.ericvalor.org and the direct address to the blog is www.ericvalor.org/erics-blog. I believe I was able to bring all the subscribers over automatically but please excuse any errors and/or hiccups. Although my old domain will redirect to the new, this blog address won’t, so please update your bookmarks!

If you are reading this on www.ericvalor.org you are all good…

Thank you all for your and I look forward to a few more years of service to you all – until we finally have a cure!


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