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DANGER – Public Access To Research

I rely quite a bit on public access to research papers in order to better understand ALS and to bring you this blog, for what it’s worth. The US Taxpayers, through NIH grants, fund quite a lot of the medical research that is done in the United States. If we paid for this research, we should be able to have access to the results (which, again, we already paid for).

However, a bill is being introduced to take that away. The bill is sponsored by Carolyn Maloney (D – NY) and Darrel Issa (R – CA). Ms. Maloney received the most individual political contributions of the medical publishing giant Elsevier in 2011. Mr. Issa is also on the contribution list. Once again we see that corporate money in politics does not favor the citizens. This is not a political blog so I will cease my digression.

Clearly this is a threat to public access to knowledge which the public already owns. This public knowledge benefits people like me and you as well as institutions such as schools. If you want to retain your rights to access that for which you already paid, action is needed. I urge you to contact your Congresscritter and urge him or her to kill HR 3699. You could also contact Congresswoman Maloney to express your opinion of this bill:
Twitter: @RepMaloney
Phone: 202-225-7944
FAX: 202-225-4709
Email: Use this form

Don’t let corporations steal from you and charge you for the favor.

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