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Doggone It!

As my readers might know, I have a PEG tube for feeding. I also have a little dog who is more like a 5-year-old in a dog suit. She is quite devious, even having learned how to stomp the foot lever that opens the lid on the trash can.

For the past few months, ever since I stopped using medical formula to correct the diabetic condition it created, I have been giving her a few tablespoons of my meals. Last Friday, I was working on some email while lunch flowed into me. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement and realized it was the rolling stand from which the feeding bag was suspended.

I didn’t feel the earthquake that must be responsible for the stand rocking back and forth and nothing else seemed to be moving (especially my computer which is suspended from the ceiling). A quick mental inventory revealed I wasn’t on any drugs that I was aware of. Motor neuron disease doesn’t involve hallucinations.

I didn’t feel possessed…

Suddenly I felt a tug on the feeding tube and heard the tell-tale clicking of canine toenails on hardwood. That little thieving pooch was chewing the tube trying to get more of the clam chowder I had shared 30 minutes prior! I swear she knew that I couldn’t do anything to stop her. But I also knew that, being 17 years old, she is a little hard of hearing. So rather than ring my call bell which she can hear and knows means trouble for her, I made my computer call in my caregiver on the sly.

Busted doggie!

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