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Second Language
(Reply All talks to the world’s first fully-functional cyborg)
(Reply All podcast #88 — 2017) [Eric’s portion begins at 16:30]

Eric’s Story
(Awareness video in support of antidote clinical trial search tool — 2016)

“Personal Trials: How terminally ill ALS patients took medical treatment into their own hands”
(Book by Jef Akst (available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle) — 2016)

Divorce or Death: A Real Life Decision
Huffington Post — 2016)

ALS Drug Access Debated
(The Scientist — 2015)

ALS patients press FDA for quick access to controversial biotech drug
(Washington Post — 2015)

Steve Gleason Goes Deep
(Sports Illustrated, Monday Morning Quarterback — 2014)

Data Donation Could Power the Learning Health Care System, Including Special Access Programs
(The American Journal of Bioethics — Volume 14, Issue 11, 2014)

In paralysis, finding freedom via brain-wave tech
(CNET — 2014 ) [full video from CNET]

Hoping Thoughts Become Movement For ALS Patients
(ABC News — 2014) [YouTube video]

ALS Patient Drives Movement To Quicker Cures
(San Jose Mercury News — 2014)

Guerrilla Fighting ALS
(San Francisco Business Times — 2014)

Team Gleason Proves There Are No White Flags
(The Advocate – New Orleans — 2013)

The Gambit Interview: Steve Gleason | The Blog of New Orleans
( — 2013)

71 Year Old Mom Skydiving To Raise Money For Son With ALS
(KION TV — 2013)

Do It Yourself Medicine
(The Scientist — 2013)

The Cost Of Dying
(San Jose Mercury News — 2012)

‘Biohackers’ go solo in quest to find cures
(San Francisco Business Journal — 2012)

Medical Mavericks
(The Scientist — 2012)

Winner of First Bay Area Science Challenge
(Marketwatch Press Release — 2012)

ALS Patients Conduct DIY Drug Trials
(Here & Now (NPR) — 2012)

Self-Medication: When Waiting Is Not An Option
( — 2012)

Biohacking Healthcare – Part 2
( — 2012)

When Technology IS The Cure
( — 2012)

Lou Gehrig’s Disease: Patients Take Research Into Their Own Hands
(ABC News — 2012)

Frustrated ALS Patients Concoct Their Own Drug
(Wall Street Journal — 2012)

Radio interview – “‘The Global Village with Susan Piontek'” (.mp3 download)
( — 2012)

Eric Valor: After Lou Gehrig’s Shipwrecked His Body He Sails Online
(Santa Cruz Sentinel — 2011)
Also in:
(The Daily News [WA])
(The Oklahoman [OK])

Radio Interview – “‘The Global Village’ with Susan Piontek” (.mp3 download)
( — 2010)

Mother Seeks Help to Care for Son With ALS
(Santa Cruz Sentinel — 2009)

Radio Interview – “‘Tuned In’ with PJ Ochlan” (.mp3 download)
(Retro1260-AM, Los Angeles — 2009)

The Story of Eric Valor
(The Huffington Post — 2009)

A Valiant Fight
(Santa Cruz Sentinel — 2008)

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