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Medical Tourism

It’s been over a month since my last post. A couple of interesting things have come over the transom but nothing really compelling for me to write about. Also I have been busy in other areas.

Something compelling did show up today. An article on Nature Magazine’s website concerning the controversy around stem cell medical tourism and the difficulty in regulation. While stem cells offer tremendous potential, the science necessary to fully and safely exploit that potential is still in its infancy. However, because of the potential, the desperation of people afflicted with horrible disease, and the ability to conjure and proliferate medical buzzwords over the Internet, the unwary and uninformed are preyed upon by the immoral and unscrupulous.

As can be demonstrated by reading my previous entries, I am a firm believer in stem cell technology. I am anxious to participate in one or more procedures in the hope of regaining function. But the science needs a little more time to develop. Anyone offering or advocating a stem cell “therapy” is either lying or deluded. Several clinical trials are underway or will soon commence (some of which I have previously discussed). But for now, I urge the reader to save your money and preserve your health by not succumbing to the siren song of an exotic “miracle cure”.

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