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Pet The Petition

A few months ago, I posted about publishing companies trying to charge for access to research studies paid for by taxpayers. Today my friends at The Doctor Weighs In posted about a way for each of us to really make a difference in this fight.

The White House has an online petition system where citizens can weigh in on issues before the President. If the petition gets 25,000 “signatures” within 30 days of it being created, it will be presented to the President where it must become part of the policy discussion. This is a great way for We, The People, to address and direct our government (especially in these times of corporate-captured government).

There is a petition currently in circulation to demand that scientific research paid for with taxpayer dollars remain freely accessible to anyone wishing to read it. The current signature count is just shy of 16,400 and I strongly urge my readers to sign and share this petition by email and/or social media. Working together we can ensure our intellectual property isn’t stolen and we are then charged for its return by the very thieves who stole it.

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