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Prion, Garth

in a previous post, I had discussed the possibility of misfolded SOD1 aggregating with TDP43 resulting in depletion of TDP43 from the nucleus which caused disruption of cellular processes and cell death. Further, misfolded SOD1 induces glial activation seen in ALS which poisons otherwise healthy neurons.

A new study explores the mechanism behind this prion-like behavior, and further indicates that extracellular misfolded SOD1 can be a cause of even sporadic ALS. It also points to a molecular target which could halt progression cold.

The study was done at the Brain Research Centre based at the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Alberta. The research was supported in part by Amorfix Life Sciences which has a “vaccine” against misfolded SOD1 already in development.

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