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Social Media

In the past few months a group of ALS patients (PALS) and caregivers (CALS) have banded together via social media to support each other, spread awareness, educate themselves, and effect real change in their lives. This is more than blog posts and Facebook status updates but rather a concerted and united effort to fill some of the void in the research and treatment of their disease. Using email and messaging, individual projects have combined as a force-multiplier and are already beginning to see results. The ease of using and linking various social media technologies have allowed the infirm to reach out to and engage a global audience in a way and with an impact never before possible. They can do this because they are young, angry, and embrace technology to support and replace lost physical abilities. This movement represents a potential paradigm shift in the way ALS is perceived and dealt with.

The list of projects includes (but is certainly not limited to) my project to draft Hugh Laurie to be an ALS spokesman, Thomas Ohlson’s Petition to ALSA National, the remarkable and unprecedented ongoing serial documentary following Timothy Lafollette from diagnosis to current time, and the recent various and coordinated efforts to rescue a quadriplegic PALS from an abusive nursing home situation (in which this blog also participated).

There are many other projects with various strategies, but all with the goal of increasing awareness, research funding, and support efforts. Where in the past these efforts would be singular, isolated, and have very limited impact, with the use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, online forums, email and messaging/chat systems) they are now being coordinated and their message distributed all over North America. As the number and scope of projects increase, there can only be a positive effect. If you have or know of a project to increase ALS awareness, please hook up with us via social media!

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