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Stem Cells for Dummies

Stem Cells for Dummies is authored by Lawrence S.B. Goldstein, PhD. Dr. Goldstein also co-authored the legislation which created CIRM.

The book does, IMHO, a rather good job of presenting complex science in terms which laypeople can easily digest. It starts with a primer on biology as it applies to stem cells and a brief history of their discovery and initial uses. The differences between adult and embryonic cells is explored with frank discussion of the attributes and limitations. The role of these cells in the research and treatment of various diseases is discussed along with a review of the current state of the art (my previous post on stem cells deals with some cutting-edge techniques). There is a detailed section on the ethical and moral controversies surrounding this sensitive topic, and a section on common myths and misconceptions.

Stem Cells for Dummies is written from the scientist’s viewpoint but takes effort to present in a neutral tone. It is written for anyone who wants to understand stem cell technology without requiring a PhD. Rather than spend weeks cuddling with Google and sifting through the inevitable dreck, drop $10 and receive a great resource from a recognized expert in either dead-tree or electronic form.

[disclaimer: I linked to Amazon for convenience and because I use their Kindle for PC application. If you can, support your local bookstores.]

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