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Off Topic

(sort of)

I resisted posting this here because it is not in keeping with the mission of this blog (I originally posted it on my Facebook page – the more proper venue). However, due to numerous requests and delays in preparing my next intended entry, here goes:

My Strings Sing for Renaissance

The strings
To my Meat Marionette
Have been cut!
And so we
Round up the usual suspects.
As they are released
One by one
I realize that
Lying around in bed all day
Isn’t as decadent as it sounds.

The floppy foot
Made a Goofy step
As it marched up the leg.
After the
Fall Season
I decided to have a seat.
Then I
Let my fingers do the walking
Until they took a hike.
I can’t even
Give myself a hand.
And the creeping uneasiness
Took my breath away.

Unlike Mick
Time is not on my side
Although I seem to have more
Than ever before.
Now cyborg is as cyborg does
And I wait for
The bright near future
Where once again
Gravity is my friend.

© 2010 Eric N. Valor