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On Monday of last week, this excellent PSA was released by Team Gleason. It was shown on the big screens inside the Superdome but needs to be shown repeatedly on major network television (ie ABC/CBS/NBC). Please watch, share with friends, and send to your local network television stations. This is the kind of message that needs to get in front of the eyeballs of America. This is the celebrity action we have been asking for. Now let’s do our part in getting it out there.

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Nerd Factor Five

As an Information Technology professional I tend to accumulate equipment. I have a couple of old laptops lying around (some dating back to 1998). One of the slightly newer ones I connected to my TV via the external SVGA port (with an associated stereo sound cable connected to the headphone jack). Now I can stream Netflix and other online content to my big flatscreen TV while not using up the resources on my communication system. For independence I installed VNC which gives me full control over the remote machine. All I need is someone to power on the laptop and I am up and running.

Currently I am watching live surfing being streamed from Bells Beach, Australia. Think I’ll crack a Foster’s and enjoy!