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TransFatty Lives – a film review

Last Saturday evening I watched TransFatty Lives and was stunned by the unique method of simultaneously telling two stories. The first story is his slow but inevitable descent into total quadriplegia following a diagnosis of ALS and the second is writing a time capsule letter to his son to explain his absence and inability to participate deeply in his son’s life. The film was scattered with amazing images showing POB’s delightful deliberate eccentricity and with scenes both hilarious and disturbing. Some scenes were personally disturbing as I remembered my own experience with that phase of decline. Others were colorful and outrageous in a way only Patrick could make them.

TransFatty Lives is a perfect film for seeing the effects of a fatal diagnosis on a young hedonistic man. As he faces each step of decline he becomes a little more introspective and gains more awareness of the value of the little moments that give life its value. How POB takes the viewer along reveals his genius – you don’t know you have learned something until the next scene begins.

Even more than “The Theory of Everything” or “You’re Not You”, “Transfatty Lives” is the most important film involving ALS. The faithful and honest treatment of both the horror and triumph which is ALS, and the amazingly creative style of POB, makes this a must-see for all PALS and CALS and their families. It should also be widely promoted for all people worldwide. Even for those for whom ALS is just a disease named for some baseball player, this is a wonderful film about human trial, triumph, survival, and love.

This film is amazing to experience. It is much more than a simple documentary. I easily rate this 5 stars, two thumbs up, one poop, etc. Rent or buy this film immediately and have a viewing party.

3 thoughts on “TransFatty Lives – a film review”

  1. Hi Eric,

    The canoe I’m paddling is (ALS) similar to yours but I’m at a different point on the river. As soon as the movie makes it onto UK Amazon i’ll watch it. In hospital at the moment,having a RIG fitted next week. Chin Up matey, like me you will be savouring the good times past and building the best one you can.


  2. Hi Eric,

    Thanks so much for the hot tip on the movie. Your rave review, complete with hot links to stream the movie, were so enticing that i watched it immediately!

    Great flick, as you said. Now i have a better understanding of what i have to face, as i wheel down the road…

    As in you, i find Patrick to be highly inspirational!

    Your friend,

  3. I want to watch but am hesitant to see what I will be facing. I still haven’t seen The Theory of Everything either. Can someone give me some “Little train that could” encouragement?
    Yes, I am a woos and chicken shit but only I can repeat that ..Lol

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