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The Trial of Finding a Clinical Trial

The Problem

Ever wondered if there is a clinical trial for your condition, within reasonable travel distance, in which you can enroll? Have you been frustrated when you ask your doctor that question and s/he responds with “I don’t know”? Are you confused trying to navigate clinicaltrials.gov?

The Solution

Well worry no more! My friends at TrialReach have a new widget which does the work for you! Simply plug in a few bits of information such as condition (ie Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis}, age, gender, and ZIP code, and you will be presented with the trials within the distance you specify. You can click each to find out more details, and/or you can further refine your search criteria.

For the benefit of my readers and the entire global ALS Community, I have installed the widget on this website. Please check it out!

As some of you may know, I came across TrialReach a little while ago. They were just beginning, and (reasonably) had cancer as the only condition on their radar. The press release listed a handful of the usual conditions one usually hears about as the next to be added. Already frustrated with the length of time to fully enroll and complete trials for ALS treatment options, I wrote an email asking that ALS be added to the list. I guess I was on some fresh Wheaties because not only did they add ALS, they put it at the top of the list! I have had the pleasure of regular communication with their staff on ideas for efficiently and effectively getting the word out, and have even done a bit of video for the cause (more on that later…).


For many conditions, especially ALS, a clinical trial represents the only shot at survival. Patients should quickly enroll so clinical trials can be completed as swiftly as possible and the treatment can be advanced to market or science can move on to the next candidate. I know of what I speak, as I was part of a few trials which were futile; one even made the condition worse! That one trial was halted midway because of the alarming safety data (sparing others the same danger). Researchers nevertheless learned valuable information and research was steered toward much better candidates.

As all PALS know, time is our most precious commodity. Check out the new page and (if you qualify) enroll in a clinical trial today! Not only could it save your life, your timely action could save the lives of countless others.

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  1. Thank you for your spirit and courage. You inspire me to do what I do and know that what I do each day matters.

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